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Mr. David- GGUSD Employee of the Month

The Cook Staff is excited for Mr. David, as he is honored by GGUSD!  Here is what the GGUSD website reported: David joined the district in 1998 as a part-time custodian at Lincoln Education Center and was promoted to head custodian at Cook Elementary in 2001.  He was nominated for this recognition by a parent who said that David knows every child and every parent by first name and that he truly cares about making the children feel safe. She said, “As a parent, my mind is at ease every day knowing that David would do anything for the well-being of my children. He has remained extremely professional and respectful for the past 15 years that my family has gone to Cook.”  Principal Sandi Ishii said he gives the morning start a sense of family and leaves the staff, students, and parents with a positive feeling. He typically starts the day telling others, ‘Remember the word for the day today is fabulous.’” She said the students adore him. David said his favorite thing about his job is greeting the students and families each day.  He was inspired professionally by the difference a custodian at Excelsior made on him while he was growing up, taking him under his wing, and helping him form friendships with other students at recess.