Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Cook Students and Family Members,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! Another new year brings additional opportunities to learn, grow, and create special memories during your child's elementary school years. We are excited to welcome all newly enrolled TK and Kinder students, transfer students and returning students. A warm welcome to all their families, as well!

At Cook Elementary, our staff cares about each child who is a part of our Cook Community. Our teachers are skilled in their ability to guide and teach in this new era of rigorous standards, and at the same time expand the horizons of all students through lessons and experiences that help students become successful learners.  As a parent, you may notice growth in your child’s ability to use technology, write to defend their opinion with evidence, speak with greater confidence in small groups or demonstrate growth in assessments.  We believe in the possibilities of each student and provide learning experiences that will challenge students and help them grow!

At Cook School, we understand that the support of parents and families brings strength to our school community. We encourage Cook family members to be involved in the life our school through volunteering, involvement in committees or parent education opportunities.  Children take great pride in seeing their family be involved in the life of the school. This is valued and celebrated at Cook School! The strength of our PTO parent group is evident in the life of our school; from Friday snack sales to fundraisers, special events and activities for our students. We encourage all parents to volunteer at school or in your child’s classroom. Parents are always welcome!

The support of our families, combined with the professional skill of our teaching staff and commitment of our support staff members, provides the perfect foundation to make Cook School a great place to be! We adhere to the belief that all children can succeed and grow as learners through hard work and perseverance. 

We welcome parent feedback and are available to support you in your child's educational journey. Please feel free to contact the school should you have a question, concern or feedback, as we are committed to supporting you and your child. 

Welcome to the Cook School Community and to an exciting new year of learning!



Sandi O. Ishii