Parent Teacher Organization


Our Parent Teacher Organization allows parents and community members to participate in supporting our school mission of creating a safe, welcoming, and inclusive school climate that provides an academically rigorous and supportive learning environment to prepare all students for college and career readiness. Our nurturing, respectful, and collaborative school environment reinforces positive behavior and promotes mental wellness for our students, so they become innovative, empathetic, and productive members of society.

As a public Title I elementary school, our involved parents are vital in supporting our school administration and faculty in achieving the optimum educational experience. Through schoolwide fundraisers, assemblies, cultural celebrations for our No Place for Hate initiative, and our PBIS incentive program, there are many opportunities for parents to become involved in making their children’s educational experience a great one! Children like to know that their parents care; it provides more incentive to learn and participate in class.

For questions on how to get involved with Cook’s Parent Teacher Organization, please call (714)663-6251 or email the school principal, Sherry Sanborn, at